ISCA Medical Practice

Non-NHS services

FEES FOR NON-NHS SERVICES (revised May 2020)

Please note as these are non NHS services. ISCA Medical Practice reserves the right to not provide any of these following services.All payments must be made beforehand. Check to be made to the Isca Medical Practice.

Certificates (without examination)

Straightforward, simple certificates of fact: £20

Private sick note  eg school note: £15

Holiday cancellation insurance certificate: £50

Stamped printout of vaccinations record: £0.00

Proof of meds/needles/proof of condition: £20

Confirmation of existence (ie Pensions): £20

Registration proof (eg for immigration): £20


Letters: £50

To Whom it may concern: £25

University Letters: £25

School fees insurance claim form: £50

Holiday cancellation examination and report: £50

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) / Capacity: we do not provide

Sickness/accident benefit claim form with exam: £100

Employer’s report and opinion (no examination): £60

Adoption / Fostering: Set Fee from Local Authority

Insurance Report prior to policy being taken: from £100

PIP forms: £50

Medical examinations

Pre-employment medicals: from £100

Medicals for third parties: from £100

HGV, PSV, taxi driver examination: £115

Diabetic driver’s insurance form with examination for DVLA: £85

Please note Sports Medicals ie diving / parachute jump are not provided at ISCA, we suggest contacting The Nuffield or DDRC


Hepatitis B (for employers) course of three: £45.00 each vaccine

Blood test follow up : £10.00 each


Blood test results – printout: £0.00

Private blood tests (eg for blood group): £80

Vaccination details-simple print out- see above for authentication charge: £0.00

Faxing: £1 plus 50p per sheet

Photocopying: 25p per sheet

There may be fees payable for other Non-NHS services not listed. Please ask at reception.




Date published: 8th October, 2014
Date last updated: 20th May, 2020