ISCA Medical Practice

Temporary residents

If you are visiting the area and need to see a doctor, we can see you as a temporary resident. You need to come in to complete a form and you can be registered as a temporary patient.

If you are registered with another practice in Exeter, we can not see you as a temporary resident. You will need to visit your usual surgery or attend one of the walk in clinics (details below)

If you need medical attention you can always attend one of the conveniently located Walk-In-Centres in Exeter.

​Please note you will need to make a pre-bookable or on the day appointment.

Walk-in Centres

NHS walk-in centres offer fast and convenient access to healthcare advice and treatment for minor injuries and illnesses.

They have been introduced to help anyone whose modern, busy lifestyle, or practical circumstances and particular needs, make flexible and accessible services so important.

They don’t replace local GP or hospital services but complement existing local services.

You can visit your local NHS Walk-in centre if:

  • you have a cuts, grazes and wounds
  • you have a sprains, strains, muscle or joint injury
  • you have a skin complaint – bite or sting (including human bites),
  • unexplained rash or even severe sunburn
  • you have a minor infection which needs treating
  • you need emergency contraception
  • you have a minor head injury
  • you have an eye problem, such as minor eye infections, scratches or something that is stuck in your eye.

No appointment is needed and assessments are carried out by experienced NHS nurses who provide a skilled, safe and caring service. NHS walk-in centres are open and available to anyone who can normally access NHS services.

Opening Times

Sidwell Street Walk-In Centre

Monday – Saturday 8am – 4pm,
Sunday 10am – 4pm.

Telephone: 01392 276 892

Wonford RD&E Walk-In Centre

Open 7 days a week – 7am – 10pm.

The H1 and H2 bus service runs from the High Street to the Hospital regularly.

Telephone: 01392 406 300

Date published: 18th November, 2018
Date last updated: 5th June, 2020